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Linux Compatible

IBM T40 Centrino Laptop (IBM)

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Submitted on: 04/03 - This product is working under Linux

Have not tested on board modem. Have problems with powersaving. Else everything (display, network etc) works fine

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Submitted on: 08/04 - This product is working under Linux

Kernel 2.6.7 (Fedora Core 2)

ACPI works partially (ie. No Fan Scaling, No Centrino Support, No Suspend Functionality).
APM works fine (ie. Centrino Speedstep support, Resume Support, No Fan scaling)

No Native Modem or Wireless Support (Intel Centrino Wireless). To get these to work you need to use 'slmodem' drivers for the modem and ipw2100 drivers for the wireless. I've tested both and they work great.

IR funtionality limited, no Fast IR support.

Video funtionality limited, no hardware acceleration. Though, there is suppose to be a new ATI driver version for the Radeon Mobility in the 2.6.7 Kernel (haven't enabled module support for that, and I don't know if it's picking the right driver on boot)

I've tried the Dual monitor support and that works horribly (Software problem not hardware). People clam that applications need to be dual monitor supported, which I don't accept as an answer. Obviously XServer or Gnome is handling these routines poorly.

Over all, after waiting about 1 year I can say I have 95% Linux functionality on my T40.

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